cherry on the cake

web - http://www.cherryonthecake.fr/
país / country - Francia / France
Cherry On The Cake es una firma que crea prendas suaves y confortables, con materiales eco-respetuosos, para mujer embarazada y bebés. En su web descubrirás dos colecciones: la primera, hecha con algodón orgánico en armonía con la naturaleza y fabricada en Francia; y la segunda hecha en viscosa de bambú, con prendas suaves y fluidas. Podrás encontrar bodies, vestidos, camisetas, gorros, túnicas...

Cherry On The Cake is a brand for baby and maternity wear with soft and comfortable shapes made of materials which are respectful of the environment. On their website you’ll discover two different collections : the former, made of organic cotton to be in harmony with nature, has been tailored in France ; the latest is made out of bamboo with especially smooth, light and fluid clothes .They are composed of maternity dresses, sarouel pants, T-shirts and tunics as well as baby wear from 3 to 18 months.

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