dandy star

país - Gran Bretaña / UK
Charlotte Day y Rose Bamford se conocieron cuando estudiaban Bellas Artes, y cuando tuvieron niños se reavivó su afición por el diseño de ropa. Decidieron hacer camisetas desteñidas con el print LOVE y fueron todo un éxito. Fundaron Dandy Star, empresa que vende sus camisetas, para niños, bebés y chicas. Son frescas, coloridas, atemporales, optimistas... ¡No te las pierdas!
Charlotte Day and Rose Bamford met while doing their M.A.s in Painting at the Royal College and Chelsea School of Art respectively. As their lives moved forward and we had families our children then re-ignited this passion through their clothes. They began printing t-shirts for their kids, hand dyed and screen printed with LOVE! But very early on friends expressed such enthusiasm for their stuff. They are constantly working on new designs, fabrics and styles of t-shirt perfecting the cut and feel, and want to create timeless, fresh optimistic pieces.

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